Babor SKINOVAGE – Vitalizing Cream (50ml)



Revitalise tired and sallow-looking skin with our specially developed vitalizing cream.


Designed to promote radiance and luminosity, this cream helps to restore energy to skin that has been affected by stress, emotional strain, or environmental factors such as blue light, pollution, or UV radiation. These factors can leave skin looking exhausted and lacking the energy it needs to fight against harmful environmental influences, resulting in faster-aging skin. Use our vitalizing cream to break the cycle and bring back your skin’s natural vitality.

  • Promotes skin regeneration and cell renewal with the ENERGY Plus Complex
  • Protects against digital aging and premature aging
  • Strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Instantly gives the complexion more smoothness and fineness due to optical softening effect



Experience an instant revitalization with even, fine complexion and radiant skin.


How to apply:

For best results, gently massage a generous amount of the cream into your face after cleansing, both in the morning and at night, depending on your skin condition. Babor also recommends using ‘VITALIZING CREAM 5.2’ for intensive night-time care.



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