Babor SKINOVAGE – Balancing Cream Rich (50ml)



A soft, lightweight cream specifically formulated for combination skin, providing balanced hydration. The featured ingredient SEBUCON helps to harmonize sebum production, resulting in a matte texture on shiny areas of the skin.


  • Regulate the moisture content of the skin by the natural biopolymers and pullulan – create a 24hr, slow-release moisture depot
  • Improve skin regeneration by a specific power peptide that based on the results of epigenetic research
  • The complexion will look fresher, matte



The skin will look well-moisturized and more even.


How to apply:

Apply a generous amount of the balancing cream onto your face and gently massage it in after cleansing. Use it in your morning and/or evening skincare routine, depending on your skin condition. Babor recommends the use of ‘BALANCING CREAM 5.1’ for light day-time care to provide hydration and balance to combination skin.



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