Take the time to de-stress, relax, or address any ailments you may have at Sakura Lounge and Spa, where we offer a wide variety of massage styles to suit your modern-day needs. Choose from our diverse range of massage treatments, including deep tissue, relaxation, or something both indulgent and therapeutic, such as our luxurious oil Hot Stone massage. We also highly recommend our signature Japanese Shiatsu massage, renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and healing. Additionally, you can try our signature Japanese Seitai massage, a remedial form of Shiatsu that is gentle yet effective in realigning your body and improving your posture (available only with trained Japanese Seitai therapists). Our highly skilled professional therapists provide all of our healing and nurturing massage services in a peaceful and tranquil environment. For those wishing to take advantage of their private health insurance, we offer rebates for remedial massage bookings. Please inform us when making your booking so we can ensure the correct therapist is allocated to you.


Taking time to de-stress, relax, and address any ailments is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. At Sakura Lounge and Spa, we provide a diverse range of massage styles to meet all of these modern-day needs. Experience our healing and nurturing massage services, provided by our team of highly skilled and professional therapists in a serene and calming atmosphere.

For those wishing to make the most of their private health insurance, we offer rebates for Remedial massage bookings. If you’re dealing with postural stress, we recommend our signature Japanese Seitai massage. 

At Sakura Lounge, our beauty treatments are designed to be decadent, divine, and wonderfully relaxing, while also being nourishing and revitalizing. These principles are based on the Japanese philosophy of “Inner Peace and Outer Glow,” and we aim to provide you with exquisite beauty treatments that embody this philosophy.
Treat yourself, a loved one, or share a pampering experience with someone special. Come relax and heal with us. Our packages start at 2.5 hours and offer a decadent blend of signature massages, beauty treatments, and holistic therapies to provide you with the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience.
Experience the ultimate in relaxation and intimacy with our exclusive Onsen Jacuzzi packages, designed specifically for couples. Enjoy the privacy and tranquility of our SPA room as you soak in the rejuvenating waters of our Onsen Jacuzzi.
Take all the time you need and feel at home in our Japanese Zen Tatami room. Our latest addition, the Infrared Sauna, is available for private use and can comfortably accommodate two friends or a couple. You can also connect your Bluetooth device and listen to your own music or meditation playlist during your session. Customize your sauna experience by adjusting the heat to your liking.

Please note that we have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for booking for one person or two people, a 72-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for group booking (more than three people). Please notify us before those time frames to avoid a penalty fee/full amount of the booking.

To ensure that you get the most out of your experience with us, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled treatment time. If you arrive late, we may not be able to offer the full duration of your booking due to other bookings scheduled after yours.