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As a great gift for a loved one or as an incentive to look after yourself a little better, consider one of ...


Enjoy the amazing world of floatation therapy at our new Sensu Spa branch, also in Melbourne CBD. With our...


A refining and recontouring serum duo. Each of the special serums recontours the chin, jaw line and neck ar...


Serum + roller to combat expression lines. It is applied with a special precision roller.


An extra boost of collagen to firm and tighten skin. 


A calming, instant relief active concentrate


Supports the skin’s natural collagen production Protects against environmentally induced...


A firming face cream. It creates a visibly smoother and younger-looking complexion. A multiactive hyaluroni...


For tired and pale skin. Protects from Blue lights/digital aging and other harmful environmental influences...


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